The Michael Arken Scholarship

     In 2018 the chapter established the Michael Arken scholarship to honor the chapter’s founding President and long-time leader.

         Every year a $1,000.00 award is made to a student who is a relative of an AFSCME member.

         The winner is selected by the Oregon Higher Education Coordinating Commission for the Oregon Student Access Completion on behalf of the chapter. 

         To date scholarships have been awarded to:

2018 – 2019    Opal Richenberg

2019 – 2020    Kiera Dwyer

Dear Michael Arken and Oregon AFSCME Council,

Thank you so much for your continued support. I can tell by how much you have invested in my education that you believe in my ability to become someone great using my education.

Without this scholarship, it would be hard to find transportation to and from work and school. Time can be constrained by money, so you are helping me reach my goal of using my time to research environmental issues, explore my hobbies, and participate in on campus organizations and clubs.

More Americans approve of labor unions today than at any time since 1965, according to annual Gallup poll results released around each Labor Day.

More than two-thirds of poll respondents – 68% – approved of labor unions. That means a clear majority of voters views labor unions favorably. Among adults 18-34 years of age, 77% approve of unions. Support is also high among those with annual household incomes under $40,000.

A Tentative Agreement has been reached! Please note, this table only reflects major points of proposals. Not every aspect of every proposal is reflected on the site below, but it will be updated:

Chapter 75 Executive Board

President:     Pat Riggs-Henson   

Vice President:     Tina Turner Morfitt

Secretary:     Judy Langdon

Treasurer:     Robin Mariani Moffit 

Region 1 Vice President:   Bev Swanson 

Region 2 Vice President:   Carol Leach

Region 3 Vice President:   Lou Sinniger  

Region 4 Vice President:   (Vacant)

Region 5 Vice President:   (Vacant)

Trustees:       Jim Gerhardt, Janice Larkin and Bing Wong

The board meets on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 10 A. M.

What is Chapter 75?

 Oregon AFSCME Retiree Chapter 75 welcomes all former public sector employees and managers to join our retiree group!