What Can A Union Do For Retirees?

Even though we may no longer be in the active work force, the solidarity we can demonstrate by joining a union can help us represent our interests and pay big dividends. Here are a few reasons why a retirees' union makes sense for us.

  • Advocacy for Benefits and Rights: As with any union, a primary purpose is to advocate for the rights and benefits of its members. A retirees union can lobby for better health care benefits, pension adjustments in line with inflation, or other perks that might be relevant for retirees. This is especially crucial if there are concerns about changes in pension schemes or other retirement benefits that could negatively impact them.
  • Social Connection and Community: Retirement can sometimes lead to feelings of isolation or a loss of purpose. Forming or joining a union can provide retirees with a sense of community and belonging. Regular meetings, events, or gatherings can offer opportunities for social interactions, keeping retirees connected with peers and providing emotional support.
  • Access to Information: A retirees union can serve as a central source of information, ensuring that all members are kept up-to-date about any changes in policies or laws that might affect them. They can also provide seminars or workshops on topics relevant to retirees, like estate planning, medical care options, or investment strategies for retirement savings.
  • Group Discounts and Perks: With collective bargaining or simply by the virtue of having a large membership, retirees unions can often negotiate group discounts for various services or products. This could be for health-related services, travel discounts, insurance packages, or other products and services of interest to the elderly.
  • Strength in Numbers: There's a well-known adage that there's "strength in numbers." A collective voice is often louder and more impactful than an individual one. If there are any issues that retired government employees face, a union can provide a unified, strong voice to address those concerns. This strength can be crucial when negotiating with government agencies or other organizations.

Forming a retirees' union for those who have served in the government can ensure that they continue to have a voice and support system in their post-retirement years. You can join now, by clicking on this link.